Google Material Font Icons

There are 1000+ font icons in Google Material Font Icons library that you can use.

What is Google Material Font Icons

Google Material Font Icons is a font made up entirely of icons.
It's a special font with icons instead of letters, numbers etc. You don't have to use images or sprite-sheets anymore. Material Font Icons are fully customizable and responsive.

What icons are available in Google Material Font Icons

There are 1000+ icons which you can use with MiliPro theme using Google Material Font Icons.
Please visit below url for full list of icons available in Google Material Font Icons.

How To Use Material Font Icons With MiliPro

1) Visit icons page:

2) Click on the icon that you want to use.

3) You will get the icon code of that icon. Just copy paste the code on your Drupal website to use this icon.


<i class="material-icons">alarm</i>

How to change size Of icon

The default size of font icons is 1em / 16px.
But you can change size of any icon by adding size class in the icon code.
size-2x, size-3x, size-4x, size-5x, size-6x, size-7x


<i class="size-2x material-icons">alarm</i>
<i class="size-3x material-icons">alarm</i>
<i class="size-4x material-icons">alarm</i>
<i class="size-5x material-icons">alarm</i>

Font icons with CKEditor

CKEditor by default filter out <i></i> tag and thus remove Font icons.
When creating content, use Full HTML text format and write content in Source mode.


Use Text Format without CKEditor

We recommend to create and use a new text input format like Full HTML but without CKEditor editor as explained here: Create a new Text Format without CKEditor in Drupal 8

You can create a new input format from:
Home >> Administration >> Configuration >> Content authoring >> Text formats and editors