Font Size - Text Size

Use below shortcodes to change the font size of the text.

Font Size: 0.75rem

<div class="font-small">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-small">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-small">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 1.25rem

<div class="font-medium">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-medium">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-medium">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 1.5rem

<div class="font-large">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-large">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-large">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 2rem

<div class="font-2x">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-2x">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-2x">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 2.5rem

<div class="font-3x">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-3x">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-3x">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 3rem

<div class="font-4x">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-4x">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-4x">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 4rem

<div class="font-5x">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-5x">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-5x">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 5rem

<div class="font-6x">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-6x">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-6x">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 6rem

<div class="font-7x">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-7x">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-7x">Your content here..</p>

Font Size: 7rem

<div class="font-8x">Your content here..</div>
<span class="font-8x">Your content here..</span>
<p class="font-8x">Your content here..</p>

1rem = 16 px

Use <span>some text</span> for inline text.

You can also use Inline Content shortcode for inline content