Create a new Text Format without CKEditor

Why We need a text format without CKEditor

CKEditor by default filter out many HTML tags. For example, it removes font icon <i></i> tag.
So, in these cases it is better to use a text format without CKEditor.

Video Tutorial

Step 1:

Navigate to:
Home arrow-icon Administration arrow-icon Configuration arrow-icon Content authoring arrow-icon Text formats and editors

Step 2:

Click Add text format button.


Step 3

Create a new text format with following settings.
Name: Full HTML2

Roles: Administrator

Text editor: none


Enable Following filters

  • Align images
  • Caption images
  • Track images uploaded via a Text Editor
  • Convert line breaks into HTML (i.e. <br> and <p>)
  • Convert URLs into links
Save this new text format. You can also make this new text format as default text input format by placing it at the top position.