Font Icon Size

Below shortcodes can be used to increase or decrease the size of font icons. The default size is 1em

Size: 0.5em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-xs"></i>

Size: 0.75em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-small"></i>

Size: 1.25em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-medium"></i>

Size: 1.5em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-large"></i>

Size: 2em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-2x"></i>

Size: 3em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-3x"></i>

Size: 4em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-4x"></i>

Size: 5em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-5x"></i>

Size: 6em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-6x"></i>

Size: 7em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-7x"></i>

Size: 8em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-8x"></i>

Size: 9em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-9x"></i>

Size: 10em

<i class="ficon-twitter size-10x"></i>